Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A cup of tea & Electric Scissors

My blueberry herbal tea taste like a cup of disappointment..On the plus side, it smells like pie...
And who doesn't love pie?


I'm sitting here, next to a pile of fabric, a box of ribbons and a pair of magical Electric Scissors. (a very thoughtful christmas gift from my Father.) Now, I know what you're thinking. Rainbow text Paige? There is no possible way that these scissors can be THAT wonderful!!

Well doubters, you're wrong...

I've made 6 hats, 10 bows and started a new doll... By the power of grey skull I have the power!...and a cup of very bad tea...

xoxo Paige

Monday, January 11, 2010

screen printing whoaaaas

I purchased a personal screen printing machine by "Yudu" a few months ago. After countless attempts to use this "easy" machine. I decided to really crack down and figure out what i was doing wrong..
I have spent 48 hours trying to make a successful T-shirt.

For the love of god, Do NOT buy one of these things!!!!!!

*le sigh* I've wasted wayyy too much time on this. Time to relax, brew some hot apple cider, and make some new hats and bows :-D

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Painting Fun

Did some painting with my fella yesterday. :-)
Most of the time i use water colors, So, this is my first painting done with acrylic! I decided to paint my graveyard girly Helga Martini..

He painted a ridicously neat robot using oil paints..sadly, i don't have a picture of it..

Excuse the awful photograph.